Registration HUD

Registration HUD

The registration HUD is an object that performs the Parameter Building process and ad registration process as a single object.  It is used for categories where a kiosk is not required to give out items to residents who visit your location.  Your only requirement is a token that you can get from one of our kiosks, and you must be able to run scripts where you want to register your ad.  Furthermore some HUDs require that you perform the registration on a specific region.

The Ad registration process helps prepare you for the questions it will ask.  Each HUD will be slightly different in the questions it asks you.  So the questions shown below might not match your expectations.

Text of Video (for non-English speakers):


Welcome to Marvelous Mania

This is a demonstration on how to set up a single Ad on our platform using our Registration HUD. Your ad can be changed at any time, but new ads and any changes do not appear on the HUD until after midnight Second Life time.

This HUD asks you a series of questions and verifies your location, then registers your item. Sometimes the registration process does not work, because some of your inputs are not valid. This HUD remembers your answers, so if you have to change something, it is super easy to make modifications.

The Registration HUD is only permitted on certain types of categories. For example, the registration HUD is used for Sales. This is because advertising a sales item is independent of how stores carry out the sales process with their existing vendors. It is also used on categories where a Marvelous Mania advertisement kiosk does not benefit the attending residents, or is too intrusive.

Folder Name, Renaming and Organization

When you get a token, you will get a folder to register your item. The folder name contains the token code with the event name. The folder contains a Quick Start guide and the Registration HUD. This video demonstrates the contents of this notecard. You may discover other items in the folder, especially if this is for a 3rd party. Make sure you read any additional notecards provided.

If you are registering ads with Marvelous Mania, we recommend you create a folder that you store everything into, maybe even a hierarchy of folders to keep items in the same category together. We also recommend you rename each folder, to make it clear which one refers to which item. These simple changes will make it easier for you to make modifications to your advertisements, if you discover errors or want to make changes. When renaming the folder, make sure you preserve the token code, because the folder name is the only place it is shown after you log out.

If you do make a mistake by losing the token code, deleting the folder, or Second Life eating it, simply return to the kiosk that gave you the token. This kiosk will help you get your information back. You can get a list of tokens, or request a re-delivery of the folder.

Review our UUID page on our website.

To begin, you attach the Registration HUD to your viewer, then click on it. One of the things it asks you to review is the U U I D page on our website. This page tells you how to get U U IDs for textures and Groups using either the Linden Labs Viewer, or the Firestorm Viewer.

Starting the Ad Creation Process

Click Ready to begin. The Registration HUD may display additional dialog boxes, followed by a series of questions. The questions are specific to the category you are creating an ad for. So some questions in this video might not appear in your version.

We tell you to not use the ignore button, but if you do, you can click the HUD again and Continue from where you left off. If you made a mistake, you can always start over.

Here we are entering an invalid token, to demonstrate how easy it is to make changes. We'll show this feature a bit later.

Many questions have size limits on your answers. If you create a comment that is too long, local chat echoes what you typed in so you can more easily make changes, because you can copy the contents from local chat.

We'll use the Marvelous Mania marketplace site, and our information website to demonstrate how to put in URLs. In addition to the marketplace, you can specify up to 3 different websites.

Location is Where Users Are Teleported

We are about to submit our last question. Before I hit submit, I want to talk about your location. Where you are standing is where Residents are teleported when they click that feature on our Marvelous Mania HUD. This feature is really useful for sales, because if your parcel does not use a landing point, then they are teleported directly to the item you are advertising. However, if your land does have a landing point, you will need to use markers, arrows or other in world objects to direct users to where the item is located. For everybody else, you can use this feature to guide a user to any location you want.

Now we are ready to submit the final answer. After you have answered all the questions, the HUD will now validate and register your ad.

The platform goes through a variety of tests on the server, and sometimes comes back with an error. We intentionally entered in an invalid token code to demonstrate how easy it is to make changes to your ad. We remember your answers, so you don't have to re-enter them. Changing something might be as simple as one input, followed by a bunch of submits. Your ad can be changed at any time, but the changes do not appear on the HUD until after midnight Second Life time.

New Option

After the Registration HUD is successful, an new option appears, when you click the HUD. The 'Unlist' option allows you to remove the ad from our HUD, or you can 'Modify' your advertisement. Any changes you make do not appear on the HUD until midnight the following morning.

What the Ad Looks like

Finally, the ad appears on our HUD. And this is what it looks like.

I hope you found this tutorial useful. If you have any questions, you can contact us using About Us/Contact Us.

Thank you.