Registration HUD v1.2 Changes

Registration HUD v1.2 Changes

Based on the Registration HUD v1.1 experience with "The Chapter Four" event set up, the following are changes for the v1.2 HUD:

  1. Store name length will be 3 to 60 characters.  This is because there were several stores that had a name less than the minimum 8 characters.
  2. When an error is reported, a dialog appears with the error message, in the location where designers were looking.  The mess gives the details, with indication the message is repeated in local chat to copy-and-paste.  Users have to hit "Continue" on the dialog box in order to continue.  In version 1.1, the textbox would just appear if there was an error, with no indication (other than at the start) that this is where error messages appeared.  While it worked, first time users don't know to look at local chat for errors, because they appear in a location that is different than where there eyes are looking.
  3. Token Code input is now forced into upper case.  This problem didn't actually occur, but we're fixing it to make sure it doesn't.
  4. Images that appear on the website are copies of images that Linden Labs makes available online, but they have a resolution of 320x240 pixels.  Therefore, we allow designers to point to an image, flickr image or album or any other image site in order to show one or more higher resolution images for an item, or for their store.  The link to the image appears below the image in the pop-up:

Proposed future changes:

  • Localization (for Residents whose native language Portuguese, Spanish, German, French and Italian speakers).  Localization will take some effort work to implement because of script memory is an issue.


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