Event Pointer

Event Pointer

The pointer is used when you use the HUD at an event.  The problem with events is, most have "landing points", which makes teleporting to the booth location impossible.  Our HUD communicates with our pointer and as you browse designers at an event, you get a visual indication where the booth is without having to visually having to scan the event looking for the designer.

Instead, when you go into "mouse look mode" (usually pressing "M" while in 3rd person mode), this arrow appears, pointing to the approximate location of the item. It's fairly accurate until you get to within 2 meters of the object. The reason it's inaccurate has to do with avatar sizes and avatar HUD locations.

A few have suggested .. "Why not use Firestorm's Area Search?" or the "Linden Lab Region Objects" search feature?

  • Firestorm's Area Search and Region Object's features is limited by distance and the terms to use.
    • It's great if you know exactly the term to specify, but harder when you don't know the word to use.
    • Our solution will work anywhere on a region, 1000's of meters from the destination.