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Kiosk Set Up

If you are a vendor who would like to sell tokens to your designers, we provide a sales kiosk for this purpose. Note: This Kiosk is being updated in March 2019 to support groups.  See the bottom of this page for more information on groups.


When you deploy our token kiosk, any money you receive goes to you.  We settle up your account after.  The rate you pay is dependent on our costs, but discounts can be negotiated.  For information on how to deploy the Token Kiosk (link).


A Token Kiosk is an object that allows you to sell or give away tokens.  You use this style when you want to sell tokens through a Kiosk we provide.  If the kiosk sells tokens, you keep all of the proceeds.  The Kiosk lists this information (top t0 bottom):

  • Texture - The texture you assign to the category.  This image appears on the kiosk, HUD and website.  For monthly events, we strongly recommend you create a separate image that has your brand or category logo with dates on it.
  • Entry Code - A 15 character code you assign to the category.  The code is how you identify the category to your residents, and it also becomes the name that appears on the Listed Ads page; example: "EV401".
  • Close Date - The date the kiosk stops selling tokens.  The kiosk does show different values as the close date approaches (see below)
  • Dates - The inclusive date range.  Category runs from Sunday July 1st to end of day Tuesday December 31st.  Dates work independently of the Close Date.
  • Token/Person - Identifies the maximum number of tokens a person can get from the kiosk.  (can be 1 to 99, see below).
  • Available - Shows the tokens left that the kiosk can issue.
  • Fee - The L$ fee the person pays to get a token from the kiosk.  Or it can be free (see below).


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Token Kiosk - Security - Initialization

A kiosk can only be initialized if the owner of the kiosk is registered in our system as an administrator.  This ensures that only you retain control over tokens that are deployed by it:

Cannot Initialize Kiosk

Security - Item Deployment

You have these options for securing the kiosk: (note, usernames are the legacy name separated by "." or the resident name without resident as the last name; example: "jane8812" or "jane.doe")

  1. Open - This means anybody who clicks the kiosk can get an item from the kiosk.
  2. Sponsor List - This is a notecard called "!SponsorList" that contains a list user names.  Sponsors always appear first in on the website or HUD regardless of the sorting type.
  3. Access List - This is a notecard called "!AccessList" that contains a list of up to 50 user names that identifies users by name who can access the kiosk.  If you need more than 50 names, use a group instead.  Note, we don't check the number of names, if you list too many, your kiosk will run out of memory and stop working!
  4. Banned List - Notecard called "!BannedList" that contains, a list of users who are not allowed to use the kiosk.  You can specify up to 50 names.
  5. Group - This option ensures that only users who have the group tag that selected can use the kiosk.  Furthermore, if the token cost is FREE, we mention that in the price.  Note: Group Only access is a setting that is done when the category is set up.
Group Access & Free to Group Notice

When Do I Delete the Kiosk?

Kiosks should remain in your land until after the event concludes.  This is because Residents may need the kiosk to get information from it.  At any time they can click the kiosk and get these options:

Kiosk - Options
  • Get / Pay - This allows somebody to get or pay for a token.  When getting a token, the kiosk grabs one and delivers a folder.  When paying for a token, the kiosk goes into pay mode where the person has to pay an amount to get a token.  (Note: If they are using a hacked viewer and can override the fixed amount, any amount less than the pay amount is greeted with a "thank you for your donation" message, and no token is provided.)
  • Tokens - Provides them with a list of their token codes.  (Not shown if they have no tokens from this kiosk).
  • Redeliver - Provides a copy of the folder in case they lose it.
  • Info - Provides information about your category to them.  You can specify that information when we create the category.
  • Open - Provides a list of open categories.
  • Close - Closes the kiosk.  When somebody clicks the kiosk, they get exclusive control over it for up to a minute:
  • Restart - Only appears for the kiosk owner, allows you to reset the kiosk.  This is usually done when there is a change to the category.