Organizer – Event Setup Guide

Organizer - Event Setup Guide

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This guide is for Event Organizers who are using Marvelous Mania to promote their shopping event where designers gather at a central location to show and sell their items.


  1. You need administrative access to a category.
  2. You are setting up a category for an event that has importing from a spreadsheet.
  3. You are not using CasperLet as part of your set up.
  4. You need a champion to encourage designers to set up advertising.

After Category Creation

  1. Categories for recurring events are duplicated after the event has started.  It replicates the current date and advances your start/end dates and changes the name to reflect the dates.
  2. On the website, first time and for subsequent duplications, you need to review the category to confirm that it copied these things according to your expectations:
    1. Group names and settings (these settings are copied from the previous month)
    2. Event name
    3. Start date
    4. End date
    5. Close date (if you use a kiosk)
    6. Event SLURL (it should be the default landing point) - It's used as a default.
  3. If you are using kiosks to sell advertisements:
    1. Rez your kiosks from inventory.  Do not modify existing kiosks or copy kiosks.  You'll have fewer issues.
    2. Optionally, add any notecards, landmarks, objects you need to the Kiosk.  Those are provided to the purchaser when they buy an advertising.  If there no extra objects, the buyer does not receive a token.
    3. Make sure the kiosk owner is an assigned administrator (only MM can set administrators).
    4. Set the "category code,group" into the kiosk.
    5. Click the kiosk to initialize.
  4. Decide if you want additional analytics (such as Google Analytics) for your event.  The benefit of Google Analytics, is it will help you understand where your visitors are coming from.  Open the "Advanced Category Settings" to set the Google Analyics gtag or other marker.  Contact us after the change for approval.

Before Setup

  1. Use Edit Groups to edit/review group set up.
  2. Prepare your spreadsheet, organized by groups.  We expect Avatar Name in the first column, and Store Name in the second column.
  3. Use the "Import" feature to make 'Created' advertisements for designers.
  4. Deploy Texture Dropboxes and one Texture Dropbox Archive, if required.
  5. Send a group notice to your designers reminding them about Marvelous Mania.  Sample notices are provided at the bottom of this page.

During Setup

  1. Daily; create the HTML for your page.
  2. Send 1 to 3 group notices (more when you are first starting out with Marvelous Mania) to remind designers to submit advertising pictures, and reference the HTML from the previous step.

After the Start Date

  1. Send notices, links, and other material through the methods that you want to promote your event through.
  2. Send one more notice, with a link to the webpage, and encourage all designers to sent the website to their groups.
  3. You can incorporate the website link into Facebook, as we have included.
  4. Very Important. Analyze your statistics.  How many impressions are you getting.

Example Notices

Coming Soon