Operating Policies

We aim to to provide the best possible experience for residents in our groups.  Therefore, Stores and Items are periodically verified when they show up on our HUD.  Individuals who would violate the rules, cause grief to our staff, our stores and our residents are dealt with appropriately.  Our policies are all about protecting the interests of the people who participate.

Marvelous Mania reserves the right to warn residents, ban them from using our platform or report them to Linden Labs, stores/designers and other users.   If you are banned, you will be flagged in our transaction website (so that you cannot rejoin) and removed from all Second Life groups.  Further, you forfeit any existing tokens you have paid for including those that have not been redeemed.

We are a friendly bunch.  We do try to work with individuals first to resolve issues.  Areas like IP, trade practices, LL TOS, licensing agreements can often be really confusing especially to non-English speakers interpreting English only agreements.  We assume issues are caused by misunderstandings before concluding they are intentional.

Update: April 5, 2019

We added a new condition to make it clear that the UUID you provide us, you have the legal authority to do so through an existing and sactioned SL viewer.

We are generally forgiving but these are the conditions we operate under:

  1. Our platform can fetch a copy of a texture when you specifying a texture UUID.  By providing a Texture UUID to us, you certify that you have legal IP rights to use the image, and have not circumvented any existing restrictions to get the UUID, such as, using a hacked viewer or some other means.
  2. By providing us with a texture UUID, you authorize us to download the full texture for marketing purposes.  The UUID can be obtained through a sanctioned viewer, or by providing a full perm texture to a collection object at the event.
  3. We do not issue refunds for deleted content.  It is your responsibility to make sure the content you list is appropriate for our HUD.  If you are not sure, ask, and if you are still in doubt, don't.
  4. Content on this HUD must be considered "Moderate".  You should not advertise, show or depict Adult themes.  We reserve the right to purge content we feel violates this policy.
    • This rule has to do with our Internet web-hosting agreements, that ban pornography and other related content.  In the future, we will provide adult content, but in our building stage we cannot offer this.
  5. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time in order to make our environment sustainable and profitable.  Tokens purchased before a price change will be unaffected.  If there was a price reduction, we do not issue refunds for the difference.  It is is exceptionally rare that we change prices after a category is opened.
  6. We reserve the right to make corrections to some of the information you provide us.  We do this primarily to correct grammar and spelling mistakes, or to change the information when we make internal system changes. It is never our intention to change the meaning of your content or what you are offering.
  7. We reserve the right to delete items that are obviously in the wrong categories, such as, a bathing suit store in a art venue category.
  8. We will not tolerate abuse of any resident for any reason towards our staff, our stores or any resident participating in our advertised sales, hunts, adventures and other events.  We will take whatever actions we deem necessary to keep our environment friendly and inviting for everybody else.
  9. Attempting to circumvent the security of our website properties or our intellectual property in Second Life will result in a ban, may result in the individuals being reported to Linden Labs and, extreme cases, we may reserve the right pursue a civil or criminal action.  See Legal Agreements, Notices, and Copyrights for more information.
  10. We reserve the right to remove items that depict violence, hate or demeaning behavior, especially to people because of their sexual orientation, race or ethnicity.  We will notify you of this decision.
    1. BDSM equipment should be clearly stated as such, and generally excluded from this policy because we assume BDSM play is consensual.
    2. Depictions of hate or violence may violate our hosting agreements. See Legal Agreements, Notices, and Copyrights for more information.
  11. Individuals posting on our groups for griefing purposes, to ask for money, etc. will be banned without notice.
  12. Stores engaged in deceptive trade practices will be warned and if they continue, banned outright. If you realize you have made a mistake you can update your kiosks and vendors immediately.  Don't wait for us to catch you.  Examples:
    1. Advertising an item in a SALES category that isn't actually on sale.
    2. Advertising an item claiming 50% off when the amount that is being saved is much less.
    3. Displaying an image for an item, but then selling something else that is different or of lower quality.
  13. Advertising any item that violates the Linden Labs Terms of Service or Intellectual Property (IP) rules ... we will contact you first when we see the issue, assuming it was done in error.  Disregard our warnings will ban you from our platform and we may also report you to Linden Labs.  We take LL TOS and IP infringement very seriously, and adhere to all of their legal and policy changes.
    1. This includes reselling something you don't have the rights to resell, such as reselling items that were stolen via bugs in the Second Life platform.
    2. We will cooperate with Linden Labs, as appropriate.
  14. Attempting to sell or give away items that violate the terms of use or licensing terms of mesh/object kit makers, typically this is giving away items that you are required to sell for a minimum price or giving away items without the appropriate permissions set.  We reserve the right to report you to the maker so that they can take appropriate actions.
    1. Please review your licensing agreements before selling items made by kits.
  15. Other reasons on a case by case bases.

This list is subject to change.  If we make significant changes will send a message in the "Marvelous Mania - Stores" group.  It is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with our policies.