No More Notecards (almost)

No More Notecards (almost)

Over the past two weeks I have been working on a strategy to help 3rd party categories.  We have two 3rd party organizers interested in setting up Fairs and Weekly Sales.  Both provided an interesting challenge to how MM works, and after implementing a new Registration HUD, decided that this method will work better as a universal strategy.

For fairs, our approach was to have some kind of object within each booth, that would advertise us, but in looking at the booths provided by the fair that is interested, we realized that there was no really good place for that.  So how would designers at fairs actually register an ad for the fair?

For sales, designers and resellers already have existing mechanisms for selling their products.  When we first designed our products, we designed a mechanism where stores would set up a kiosk that sold objects, but in talking with different people they were leery of using an object that was different than what they were already using, and we really didn't have a good strategy for users that use vendor systems like CasperVend.  The Registration HUD eliminates the dependency on designers and resellers to use our tools for their sales.

In other cases, we had the comment that learning the syntax of the notecard was actually harder than it should be, so we created a Parameter Builder that asked questions and created the parameters for you, so that you could copy your parameters right into the notecard without learning the syntax.  The notecard was then placed into a kiosk that registered the item.

The Registration HUD merges these two ideas into a single object, that asks the questions and registers the item.  The approach also allows us to remember previous answers, so maintenance of the ad becomes almost painless.


We will still use notecard set up for hunts, because we have to register a single object's position, and we cannot do that with a HUD.

Existing Users

Existing users who already have kiosks deployed are unaffected by the this change.  Their existing kiosks will continue to operate as normal.  They can upgrade to the registration HUD when then need to make changes.


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