New HUD – v2018.08 RV 2

New HUD - v2018.08 RV 2

This version is now released. The original version will be expired in about a week. You can get the HUD from our main store or via the marketplace.

Addition - Pointer Technology

We are working to implement Marvelous Mania to work with fairs and large store sales.  The problem is that most large store and locations have "landing points", this means if you are browsing through designers at a fair or items at store using the HUD, and you click teleport, you end up at the landing point and not at the booth for the designer (or the location of the item).

The Pointer is a small object you attach to your HUD, and when you go into "mouse look mode" (usually pressing "M" while in 3rd person mode), you get an arrow that points to the approximate location of the item.  It's fairly accurate until you get to within 2 meters of the object.  The reason it's inaccurate has to do with avatar sizes and avatar HUD locations.

A few have suggested .. "Why not use Firestorm's Area Search?".

  • First, not everybody uses Firestorm, so we need a universal solution that works for all users.
  • Area Search is limited by distance and the terms to use.  It's great if you know exactly the term to specify, but harder when you don't know the word to use.

Our solution will work anywhere on a region, 1000's of meters from the destination.

Addition - Region Rating

We got a change request to show the Region Rating before you teleported.  You too can add your suggestions here  Therefore, we now report that:

  • P - for PG (or General)
  • M - Mature
  • A - Adult
  • U - Unknown (if the region is offline)

Change - Category View

(1) We have replaced the word "Categories" with a short term representing the category itself.  In the image below, we use "Art Galleries" and "Scenery" to make it more descriptive.

(2) With Sasun Steinbeck's permission, we have integrated her brilliant "Art Galleries of Second Life" and now list over 200 art galleries on the HUD.  These changes has resulted in a variety of modifications to how we report pages and items to make it clearer.  The HUD is limited to 100 items at a time, so we automatically create pages within our categories.  We decided to make a variety of changes to how we report pages, to make it much clearer how the category is organized up.  Because many pages don't have pages, we use "- - - - -" to indicate no pages.  Without the dashes, the text appears to hang in middle:

Change - Item View

(1) We now report the proper item number in the larger set of items in a category, rather than the item number on a given page.  (shown here in light blue).  We are at item 112 because we are on the 2nd page of 100 items in the Art Galleries category.

(2) We swapped the location of the current item onto the tab, so that your eyes do not need to move around the interface to find where you are.  (shown in yellow).  With the changes to the category name (see above) it allows you to get a complete summary of where you are on the HUD.  In the old version "Categories (2 of 3)" didn't mean anything.  But in the new version, "Art Galleries (Page 2 of 3)" has meaning, especially in concert with the Item number.

Change - Search Button Moved

We've moved the search button to replace what was the "Help" button, to make searching more visual.  This change appears on the ITEM and FAVOURITE pages.

Bug Fix - Ghostly Text

This bug occurred when a hidden texture panel was opened and closed.


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