Marvelous Mania Editor – For Event Organizers

Marvelous Mania Editor - For Event Organizers

The Marvelous Mania Editor (MME) is a comprehensive Windows-only application that allows you to:


  • IMPORTANT DOWNLOAD NOTICE: You cannot do anything with a category UNLESS you have a category code and category secret.

You can:

  • Set up detailed advertisements based on information from Google Forms
  • Set up detailed advertisements using any kind of spreadsheet program (Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, etc.)
  • Detailed advertisements can frequently be set up automatically
  • Set up basic advertising using Textures
  • Add individual advertisements
  • Edit your Category
  • Generate HTML page for the category
  • Program is set up to show you only things you need to do, not all the things you've already done ... that makes manual ad set up quick to do

How is it Integrated?

This flow shows the steps, top to bottom of setting up a category and creating an HTML and HUD ads from it.  The "Texture Grabber" are a couple of SL techniques for using textures as a source for ad content (designers can drop their textures into a drop box, or drag-and-drop their textures into an object specific to the event.  Registration HUD is a in world object for creating Ads.