Major Change: Tokens are no longer tied to items

When we were looking at security, we made the decision to tie the ITEM UUID to the token to prevent two people from using the same token.  In doing so, we created a dependency on that item UUID, which doesn't work so well when you have to move a venue or store.  So we created the concept of unlisting, so that you can unlist the ad from the HUD and disassociate the item UUID from the token too.  At the time, we associated the token to the owner, so once an owner registered the token, they could never give it to somebody else.  This allowed the token to be disassociated with the item UUID so that it the same owner could use the the token again.

Last week, we decided to break the dependency on the owner.  So that once they unlisted, they could transfer the token to somebody else.

However, today, we realized that we don't even have to tie the token to the Item UUID.  If somebody gives away their token to somebody else, the instant they register their ad with that token, the other Ad is removed and replaced with the new one.

While tokens codes are not flawless, the code values have a 1 in 10 billion chance of being guessed.  If it ever became a problem there are simple changes we could make to increase the combinations 100s of billions of times.

So if you forget to unlist, no problem.  Rez the item, click UNLIST and take it back into inventory.

Update: This is now changed slightly.  An owner has to UNLIST their tokens if you want to transfer the token to a different person.  The reason for the modification is, if I discover somebody else's token, nothing prevented me from stealing and defacing it.  This minor change create security for the original owner.


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