January 2019 Changes

January 2019 Changes

In BETA: Tagging

Marvelous Mania is currently implementing Tagging.  Tagging is an organizer only feature which allows you to define a high level grouping of advertisements.  Currently we support sponsors and non-sponsors, but now you can have multiple groupings of categories, such as Elite Sponsors, Gold Sponsors, Silver Sponsors and non-Sponsors.  For land owners, this allows you to define types of houses by land location, such as, corner lot, ocean lot, sunset lot, interior lot, or a sky box.

Right now tags are only visual, because this is the first stage of a new method for generating webpages.  With tags, you will be able to display ads in different blocks, with titles, colors or page styles.

Coming Soon: Importing

Previously event owners asked their designers to provide the store and store details like URLs, CSRs, SLURLs, etc., in a google spreadsheet.  I would then convert the data into the event.  The problem with the technique is it prone to sorting issues if there are multiple category imports required, plus it's a timing issue for us.  In the future, you will only need to ask designers if they have a Marvelous Mania profile set up, giving them only one option "Yes" before they can submit your form.  We will provide a method for designers to setup a profile.  Designers who had submitted in the past will have a default profile.

The import window will use a multi-line text box where you list the resident names, one per line.  We'll read the names and then give you options allowing you resolve unknown names (they used their display name instead of their resident name, for example), options for modifying, creating, and rearrangement so that ads appear in the order you want to see them, no matter how many times you run the import.

This will be implemented early February 2019.

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