Introduction – How To Set Up a Category

Introduction - How To Set Up a Category

How Do You Organize a Category?

Before you read this overview, keep in mind that there is a great deal of customization that is possible.  There are many automatic features and many manual features to guarantee total control over content.

Your Set Up

  1. We set up a category for your designers.
    • Category set up has 2 dozen options, so that just about everything can be customized.
  2. We set up a registration HUD for your category.
    • Each Registration HUD is slightly different, and is largely dependent on your category.  For example, we can ask for a Main Store SLURL.  That address makes sense if your designers are part of an event on your region, but doesn't make sense if your category is weekly sales where residents travel anywhere on the grid for a sale.
  3. You set up a kiosk with that category that distributes our Registration HUD.
    • There are 3 basic ways to set up who has access to use the kiosk; public, by group, by access list.
    • You can set up a list of sponsors too.  If a sponsor gets a token, they are sorted so that they appear first before any other designer.

Note: Apart from your marketing, Category Administration is now complete.  Everything else beyond this point is generally automatic.  However, we do offer a way to manually control which submissions appear in your category for your ultimate quality control.


The Category's Close Date

The category's close date is when the kiosk stops selling or giving away tokens.  For weekly sales, the close date is usually one day before the start date.  For bi-monthly, and monthly events it's usually 7-10 days after the event starts, as you'll want to give designers extra time to set up ads, although it's better for the ads to be ready when the event opens.

  1. Designers who want to advertise click the kiosk to get a Token.
    • The token can be given for free or they can pay a fee for it.  If there is a fee, you receive all the amount paid.
    • Each token can be used to create information about a single item, and each token is associated with your category.
    • Along with the token they get a Registration HUD.
  2. Designers attach the Registration HUD to the viewer and click it.
  3. It asks them a series of questions, such as token code, store name, item name, texture, marketplace, other urls, etc. and this registers their ad with your category. Average set up time is 4-5 minutes. We do have a notecard and video tutorial, but most don't need it.
  4. Designers click submit next to the item they are selling or advertising.
    • This remembers the location of the item.


On/After the Category's Start Date (12:00am SLT)

  1. Your category appears on our HUD and website.
  2. Shoppers using our HUD and Pointer (see and for video tutorials)
    1. Navigate to your category
    2. Selects an ad
    3. Teleport to the store
    4. Go into mouse look mode which guides them to a designer's item
  3. Shoppers using our Website (see for current ads)
    1. Navigate to your category (tab along the left)
    2. Click on an thumbnail, this pops open the ad with a full image, with store name, item name, comment, group, marketplace, flickr and up to 3 URLs.
    3. They can click any link to navigate to those locations.  If they click a group link, and SL is running, they see the group box appear in the viewer.
    4. Notes:
      • Categories get their own webpage, and the index embeds that webpage into our index using JavaScript.  So it's possible to see and use your generated category without our index.
      • It's also possible to not include your category in our index.
      • It's also possible to create a branded index containing two or more of your recurring events.
      • It's also possible to create your own CSS and your own popup layouts.

Morning Following Finish Date (12am SLT) 

Note: The Start and Finish Dates can be the same day, which means the category will appear on our website and HUD for one day.

  1. Your category disappears from the HUD and our website's main index.
    • We don't clean up categories on our platform for at least 7-10 days after the finish date.  While they disappear from our HUD and website main index, you can continue to reference the webpage longer than the official duration of your event.
  2. The specific web page for your event will still appear on our website, but it won't be integrated into our main index.


How is Marvelous Mania Different than other Competitors?

  1. We provide a branded category on our HUD and a specific webpage on our website; automatically.  (You can even restyle the webpage using your own CSS files.)
  2. Our website uses full size original textures as uploaded to Second Life.
  3. Most advertisers only advertise your event, but do not have any mechanism to advertise individual stores or individual items.
  4. Our HUD and Website are refreshed every day at midnight (SLT).  You will not find advertising for events that closed months ago.
  5. Delegation of ad set up to your designers transforms hours of ad set up into minutes of set up, regardless of how many ads you need in a category.

Need to learn more?

Learn more about Set Up - This is a detailed concepts guide.

  • understanding items
  • current fees
  • item state
  • sponsor sorting
  • token kiosks (and other token creation methods)
  • category and access security
  • item administration overview (see next link for detail)
  • website generation
  • exporting
  • category statistics (we track impressions and engagements on the HUD and website for each ad)

Category Configuration - This is a link to a google form that shows the 20+ options in setting up your first category.

  • Basic - Names, Branded Image, Descriptions, Sorting, Public?, Location
  • Internet - Page Name, Indexed, CSS Creation (ultimate in customization)
  • Tokens - Number of tokens per category and tokens per avatar
  • Security - Group Security, Administrators, Token Management
  • Dates - Close Date, Start Date, Finish Date
  • Fees - Cost of Tokens (can be free), Cost for Residents (Free, Fixed, User Defined, n/a)

Deploying Kiosks - Once you have a category and a kiosk how do you deploy it so your designers can register their items and advertisements?

  • Review of Set Up Notecards
  • Setup of Special Notecards
    • Who are your sponsors?
    • When not using Group Security, who what is your access list?
    • Who are banned?
  • Set Up
  • Confirmation
  • Special Administrator Features
    • Getting Unlimited Tokens
  • Exporting and other Administrative Functions
    • CSV Export
    • Pre-Publish HTML
    • Pre-Publish to HUD
    • Category Statistics

Learn more about Administration - When you need fine control of who is accepted and not accepted into your category (when auto-accept is turned off)

  • When can you administer
  • Understating Token State
  • CSV Category Exporting
  • Prepublishing for HUD
  • Administration Security Access
  • Administration of Category

How to Start?

Contact "Quertie Resident" in-world to get started.