HUD is Ready

HUD is Ready

After a very long development period, the Marvelous Mania HUD is finally ready.  It's ready to go.  Been doing a soft release with friends and colleagues.

August 1st, here we come!

Here are some of the features.

  1. Has a Compact Size, but the text is clearly readable.
    • Click any texture, and it expands to 2x normal size so you can get a better view.
  2. HUD supports 200+ categories with up to 100 items per category.
    • If a category has more than 100 items in the respective category, the HUD breaks the categories up into pages up to 9.
    • We will update the HUD if the number of categories exceeds about 20 to make it easier to handle multiple categories.
  3. Can remember up to 50 favourites:
    • You can turn them on and off with the click of the "HEART".
    • Favourites expire after 7 days.
    • You use them to scan through one or more categories while at home to find your favourites, then use them to navigate to your stores, items, venues or locations.
  4. Move forward and backward on the category page.
  5. Move forward and backward, or in jumps of 5 listings in either the item or favourites pages.
  6. You can change the the location of either the minimized location or the expanded location, and it will remember where it was.
  7. Automatically refreshes the data daily.
    • Occasional system communication errors sometimes do prevent an automatic updates, so if your HUD refresh and doesn't update the date, wait until tomorrow, unless there is an announcement in "Marvelous Mania Seekers" group to update your HUD.
  8. HUD implements multi-term searching.
    • Looking for women's fashion?  You could search for woman, then women, then girl, then female ...
    • -OR- search for "woman,women,girl,female,lady,ladies", and it stops at the first item it find with any of those terms.
    • Works for category items and favourites.
  9. You can click on any texture and get an expanded view.
  10. Use the GEAR icon for additional options.

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