How to Deploy a Token Kiosk

How To Deploy a Token Kiosk

A Token Kiosk is an in-world object that allows event organizers to allow Designers to exchange L$ for a token. It is an object you own, so that when you deploy it on your land, any purchases go straight to you.

Each token is associated with the category you set up.  Your category defines the maximum number of tokens that can be sold, the cost of each token, and the maximum number of tokens each designer can buy. When a resident buys a token, they will have the ability to login to our platform and edit the details of their advertisement.

Review and Preparation

Category Set Up Details

Review the "Category Set Up Details" notecard to make sure everything looks okay.

  1. Make sure the person who will rez the kiosk is an administrator.
    1. If they are not, the kiosk will not initialize.  (This is a security feature)
    2. If they are not the right person, we will send a copy to the person who should rez the kioks.


Special Notecards

All notecards described here are optional.  If they don't apply, you don't have to set up an empty one, just don't include it.

User names are specified:

  • One per line.
  • Have a "." between the first and last name for legacy users, or just the first name for residents.
  • Examples:
    • jane.doe
    • jane81882

Notecard Types

  1. Got Category Sponsors?
    • Make a list of user names in a notecard called "!Sponsors".
    • Sponsors are always sorted to the top of the list for the HUD or HTML on the website.
  2. Using Access List?
    • Make a list of user names in a notecard called "!AccessList".
    • Only use Access Lists with non-group security.
  3. Individuals who are Banned?
    • Make a list of user names in a notecard called "!Banned".
    • Only use Banned with non-group security that does not use an "!AccessList"
    • If you have more than 50 names, you should consider group security.


Set Up

  1. Rez the "Default Kiosk" on your land (Kiosk is Copy/Modify/No Transfer).
    1. For events, you'll want to put the kiosk in a central location that is easily accessed by any designer.
    2. For grid-wide sales events, you'll want to put the kiosk in a location where your designers know to go to get or pay for tokens.
    3. Also .. you can deploy more than one kiosk per category code, but generally this is not required as it takes less than 20 seconds for anybody to get a folder.  Occasionally, this will result in more tokens being issued than the category limit, but generally is not an issue.
  2. Using group security?
    • Make sure you set the group on the kiosk properly.
    • Do not deed it to the land.
  3. Alter the object and set the "Object's Description" to your Category Code.
  4. Add any notecards or objects you need to the kiosk, such as:
    1. !Sponsors
    2. !AccessList
    3. !BannedList
    4. Information about where to get help if a designer runs into a problem.
    5. Your Landmark?
    6. Free Gifts?
  5. The kiosk takes 20 seconds to accept all changes, before resetting.
    1. Didn't add any objects? - You can click the kiosk to restart it (the first time).
    2. If something seems weird, you can reset all the scripts. That fixes most problems.
    3. You can also reset the main script from the menu, if you are an administrator and it initialized properly.
    4. The object name, that gets reset automatically to match your category's name.



  1. After you initialize, you will get a default folder called "MM TK9999-99-9999 <CATEGORY NAME>":
    1. Where <CATEGORY NAME> is the name you specified for the category.
    2. The folder name will be truncated to 63 characters, so times it might not be exact.
    3. You use the folder contents to verify what people receive from the kiosk, specifically around permissions of your stuff.
  2. Unless there is a change to the registration process, you can re-deploy from this folder for each Category Code you have.


How do Designers Get a Token?


  • Click the kiosk, and follow the instructions.
  • If they are not in the right group on the access list or are banned, they get an appropriate message, otherwise, they "Get" or "Pay" for a token, and this gives them a folder with the registration HUD.
  • The token code they need to register their ad is contained in the folder name and shown in local chat.
  • If they make a mistake, lose the folder or forget the token codes, they can return to the kiosk to get that information or get a redelivery.


Special Features for Administrators

Normal users have a limit of up to 8 tokens/category.

  1. This limit does not apply to administrators, they can get as many tokens from the kiosk as they want.
  2. When an administrator gets a token, they are asked for name.
  3. The name they provide appears in square brackets on the CSV Export.This helps differentiate one token from another (see CSV Export).


There are various reports and extracts you can run once you get items added to the category.  You will need the "Category Code" and "Category Secret" from the "Category Setup" notecard: