Free Ads Policies

Free Ads Policies

We love owners who create stuff in Second Life "for the love of it" ... this includes interesting and scenic locations, art displays and music venues, where it is free to get in. To show our appreciation, we offer Free Advertising that never expires to the following types of parcel owners.

General Policy

We feel that venues that can afford to advertise should pay for advertising.  We offer free advertising to parcel owners who pay for music, art, scenic and interesting locations out of their own pocket or through donations.  We reserve the right to review any venue we have previously provided free advertising to, and withhold their advertising if we feel the conditions that they got the advertising under have changed.

We reserve the right to change our policies at any time.

Detailed Policy

We reserve the right to apply our own subjective opinion on the application of these restrictions.

  1. The venue has to be around for at least 4 months. Exception are LEA builds.
  2. For music venues, art venues, and interesting locations, there has to be a kind of consistency to the quality of the build. It cannot be a something that feels put together in a hurry.
  3. For music venues, the venue owner cannot take a "cut" of an artist, host or manager's tips. With this rule, we fee that those venues can afford to pay for advertising themselves.

If there is a store is on the property, these rules apply:

  1. The store must be a small part of the parcel or region area.
  2. Parcels cannot contain multi-vendor stores (aka Malls).