Second Life Events and Marvelous Mania – Best Practices Guide


The purpose of this guide is to help residents decide if they want to use Marvelous Mania for their Second Life Events.  Marvelous Mania is a technical solution for organizers who want a branded Internet presence, via a web page, that they can share on their social media, as well as be part of a working teleportation HUD already deployed for the Second Life grid.  We also collect raw ad performance statistics (impressions and engagements), to help designers and categories understand buying and influence trends.

We help events produce ads for all designers in their events, and for each designer, if we can, show their customer service reps, groups, store location, marketplace url, flickr, other urls.


Marvelous Mania charges an introductory rate for our services which is currently the simplification of the process needed to create web pages and HUD entries.  Apart from basic awareness, we  do not offer marketing services at this time.

We charge a weekly rate for each advertisement, and are currently charging L$15/item/week/accepted item.  For events, you need to create advertisement spots for your designers, but only the ones that are accepted for publishing is what we charge you for.  For example, if you have 40 designers with one ad each, you pre-create 40 advertisements.  If only 30 designers provide advertisements, then you pay for the 30 ads.  30 x 3 weeks x L$15 = L$1350

Data Collection

Your event will need to do some work in order to prepare for Marvelous Mania.  Namely, you will need to add additional fields (see below) to the Google Form designers use to buy into an event.  These fields are the information Marvelous Mania needs for it’s work.  We’ve found that nearly all designers will provide this information as part of the buy-in process, but only 50% provide it if we wait until booth set up begins.  Therefore it’s in your best interest to collect this information, so you can use it to prepopulate advertisements with as much information as you can.

Additional Fields to Collect

  1. Logo Texture UUID
  2. Main Store SLURL (Optional; not all event vendors have stores on the grid).
  3. Main Store Group (Optional; the one that residents join).
  4. Marketplace URL
  5. Flickr URL
  6. Up To 3 Additional Websites

If you are running advertisements using a store’s brand logo, instead of an image of the item for sale, you should also ask for:

  1. Brand Comment 1 (up to 60 characters)
  2. Brand Comment 2 (up to 60 characters)

Creation of the Advertisements

We will provide you with the facility to do an import of this information.  This is currently MME, but we are migrating this functionality to our website.

What MME does is map the columns in the CSV file, you get from the Google Sheet (for the Form), to fields that Marvelous Mania expects for an advertisement, then bulk imports the ads into Marvelous Mania.  One of the fields it will ask for is the Texture UUID.  You can map the Logo Texture UUID to the Texture UUID to get a default texture.

Getting Details about the Item


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