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New Designer Start Guide

The purpose of this guide is to help new users to the Marvelous Mania platform.  We are a website with a variety of in-world objects to simplify, as best we can, the entire advertising process.  The goal of this document is to introduce you to our website, and how to log on in order to edit your advertisements.

What kind of advertisements can you create as a designer?  This is ours for our main store on MadPea:

That ad was produced with four pieces of information; a designer profile (brand), item name, comment and texture.

Designer Profiles and Brands

The Designer Profile is automatically created when Marvelous Mania becomes aware of you, and once created is the master copy of all of your settings, even if you change your mind on somebody else's form later on.  The basic Designer Profile is your Store Name, and all other information is optional, but consists of store location, group, support, and up to 5 URLs (Marketplace, Flick, Facebook, etc.).  When you signed up to join events, you are frequently asked to provide some of this information.  It is automatically converted into your Designer Profile.

We collect the information for a directory of Second Life Designers who are currently advertising through us (planned for 2019).  Only you and your store or brand name are required, all other information is optional, and you can edit it at any time.

A single designer profile represents a brand, and this suits most designers of Second Life.  However, there are several designers who own/control multiple brands, and Marvelous Mania supports multiple brands per designer.  Each has it's own distinct store name, location, group, support and URLs.  Creating a new brand is easy, simply click "Create New Brand" on the designer page.  It makes a duplicate of your current profile, but creates a new name.  After the page refreshes, select the new name from the drop-down to edit it.  While editing individual advertisements, you can assign which brand that advertisement is for from the edit advertisement menu.

Important Note: In forms where the event organizers have partnered with Marvelous Mania, when you identify your store name in their documents, make sure it matches the store name of your profile or any of your brands in order to make sure the correct brand is assigned to subsequent advertising.  This ensures that the right names, locations and urls, etc. are assigned for your advertisement.

Login to the Website

If you do want to log into the website to create or review your advertisements, you need a "Marvelous Mania Login Kiosk" like the one shown below.  You can go to our main store and log in.  You can also buy a copy of the kiosk for L$0.  This gives you a kiosk that expires within a few days, so you don't have to travel to our main store to login.  Designers at some events may get a free login kiosk that expires much longer.

When you find the kiosk, simply click it.  It will then give you a link that will allow you to to get to your stuff on our website without usernames or passwords.


Profile Example

This is the Designer Profile for one of the Marvelous Mania CEO's other brands (shown in English):


Seeing Advertisements

Advertisements are listed at the bottom of the designer profile. They are shown in the order they were last modified or first created. Click the item name and a popup will appear over the page allowing you to make changes. If the category has started, any changes you make appear on the website and on the HUD shortly after midnight Second Life Time. You can make change up until the day before the Finish Date of the category.

If you want to find out about the advertising statistics your advertisement gathered, you can click on the TK5075-51-1269 link.  In the future, this will be replaced by typical charts so that you don't have to process the raw data yourself (planned for 2019).

Example (shown in English):

Editing Advertisements

Editing is easy, click the item name and it will add a popup window, where you can see or edit the details about any advertisement where the category's Finish Date has not arrived.  Some advertisements ask you to provide a price for an item.  The popup looks like this (shown in English):


Important Note about Assigning Brands: You can change which brand the advertisement should be associated with by selecting it from the Brand's drop down.  When you click save, it is moved to the other brand, and disappears from the current list.