Organizer – Category Importing

How to Import Designers Into Categories

Category Importing

Category Importing is the process of getting Designer's into you category.  Typically you use this feature for events.  Designers are assigned advertisements, usually in the "Created" status, so that they can set up their advertising for your event.

Importing starts by clicking the green "Import" button in the top-left of your category page:

Import Page

When you arrive at the Import Page you will see these options:

  • <=Return - Returns you to the Category Page.
  • Help - Brings you to this page.
  • Edit Groups - Allows you to edit your Category Groups.  Groups allow you to show advertisements in groups shown in the order you want to see them in.

Entering Avatar and Store Names

(1) Specify "Avatar Name <tab> Store Name"

You specify multiple lines, with the avatar and store names separated by a <tab> character.

Why did we choose a <tab> character? - We use a <tab> because that's what spreadsheets produce when you copy/paste from them.

  • Most of the organziers use Google Forms to manage who is entering their events, they also use Google Sheets to get all of the details from their designers. (Also
  • This means it would be easy to extract Avatar Names and their Stores, in two side by side columns.
  • Furthermore, if you select and copy the two columns from the sheet, then when you paste it into the form above, the <tab> characters is already included.  The same is true for Excel and OpenOffice.

(2) Avatar Names and Store Names

These are avatar names and store names that were pasted into the text field.  Please remove any blank lines.

The minimum fields needed to set up an advertisement is a designers store name.  All other fields are optional, however, if set up, designers can create a full and professional presence on the Marvelous Mania website.

Avatar Names - We transform the avatar name into their SL Key using the service.  If the service cannot find the avatar name, it generates an error.  Most of the time, the error is caused because the designer used their display name, not their account name.  A few times, especially with very new Residents, the database will not have this key and you have to put it in manually.  So if you get an error, check the avatar's age.  If they are older than a few months, it's likely their display name ... if not visit to correct.

Store Names - Marvelous Mania supports the ability for a designer to have more than one brand.  Brands are identified by their store name, and by providing the store name as part of your input we can match the designer to the right brand.

(3) Remove designers (TRUE, by default)

The reason for the option is because importing might be required more than once.  This feature allows you to paste in the entire spreadsheet and not have to manually figure out who has advertisements to exclude them.

(4) Verify Names

This button then verifies the names that you have provided using the service described above.

Before you can create advertisements, you must resolve all of your errors.  Some of the time, the error is caused by a designer not even having a profile. We will automatically create any missing profiles.

Importance of Promoting Designer to Create Marvelous Mania Profiles

We strongly recommend you actively promote Marvelous Mania to your designers to set up there advertisements, and also to encourage them to set up their Designer Profile.  The profile is normally a one time activity where they can specify standard things about their store.  Promotion is not a one time activity.  The more complete each advertisement is with the item and profile completed, the more professional and polished your website will look.

After Creating Missing Profiles

This tells you that the designers were added to the system.  You have to verify again in order to clear all outstanding errors.

Import Options

Options and Settings:

  1. Status - Tells you the status and how many designers you are working with.
  2. Submission State - Identifies the state of your created advertisements.  As noted, if you set this to a non-Created status then load a plywood texture for a default for an advertisement, this is automatically set to "Created".
  3. Group By - Identifies the group to place this item into it.
  4. Number of Ads Each - How many ads to created for each designer that is being imported.  Items are created one after another, which is important for Index Sorted categories.
  5. Item Location - This is the SLURL location of the item.  Note: If this is a event, it should default to the event's landing point.  Furthermore, this defaults to the event's SLURL if it's specified.
  6. Texture - Identifies the texture to use.  If UUID is selected, a pop-open panel appears that shows you an image of the texture UUID to help confirm it's entered correctly.
  7. Requirements - Identifies how many advertisements you need, and if they will fit into your allotment.
  8. Create Advertisements - Creates the advertisements.