CasperLet Interface to Marvelous Mania

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CasperLet Interface to Marvelous Mania


The purpose of this guide is to help you figure out how to configure your existing CasperLet rental set ups to work with the Marvelous Mania advertising platform.  Our Marvelous Mania interface offers two features.  Once implemented, these two capabilities run automatically.

  1. Availability Monitor - Allows you to turn ads on and off based on whether there is a tenant.  When there is no tenant, this feature will activate the corresponding advertisement, so the you can advertise and provide detailed information about.  It's used by owners to provide information about the property when it is available for rent.
    • Cost: L$3/day (L$21/week) - Introductory Price
    • Only charged when a unit is available for rent.
  2. Advertisement Provider - Provides an advertisement token to a new tenant that they can use to create advertising for their store under a category owned by you.  We recommend a single category, even if you have multiple properties on different parcels or regions.
    • Cost: L$2/day (L$14/week) - Introductory Price
    • Only charged when the tenant sets up an ad and it's displayed in your category.

Parts of the System

The main CasperLet interface consists of:

  • The "!!MM - RentalBox Monitor Script" is placed into every rental box you want to configure for this system.
    • It's used to reduce chatter from the standard CasperLet API and report only when there are changes in the tenants.
    • Either a new tenant, or the unit is vacant and available for occupancy.
    • It also responds to the "Validate" request (this is described below).
  • One server for each of the automated features described above.  Each server implements two utility functions.  Each sends a message to all rental boxes within 100m of the server.
    • Validate - Ask the Marvelous Mania what tokens have been set up for that rental box on Marvelous Mania.  Example shown below.
    • Reset - Reconfirms who the current tenant is, and updates Marvelous Mania with any changes.  Marvelous does something if there is a difference between what MM knows and what the rental box knows.

We provide you with a folder that contains the above items, plus these items.

  1. Texture Dropbox / Archive Objects - Associates designer textures with advertisements assigned to the designer in the "Created" state.
    • We also give you a copy of the script in case you want to use an alternate object as the texture drop-box.
    • Residents drag-and-drop textures to the object, and it reads and processes them.  It can handle one or more textures at a time.
    • It associates the Texture Creator UUID with a Resident UUID.
    • If it finds a match and the advertisement is in the "Created" state, it will:
      • Associate the texture with that advertisement and set it to "Accepted".
      • Assigns the texture's name to the "item name" in Marvelous Mania.
      • If there is "~" (tilda) in the name, we split the name and place all the text after the "~" in the comment field.  If designers want to use up to 60 characters for each field, they need to log into the website to make those changes.
  2. Marvelous Mania Login - Allows designers to log into the Marvelous Mania system.
  3. Marvelous Info Board - Must be used to advertise Marvelous Mania and offer our HUD to residents for free.  (We offer a smaller square placard version if you prefer.)

Usage Overview

  1. You place the RentalBox Monitor Script into each rental box.  The script monitors for the moments when the tenant changes and responds to "Validate" messages (see below).
  2. You place one or two servers depending on the type of processing you want.
  3. Click the server and click "Validate" ... this will list out all of the rental boxes and validate against the Marvelous Mania website, reporting rental boxes without tokens.
  4. You create specially named tokens, consisting of a 3 character prefix "RB-" or "RT-" followed by the Second Life key for the rental box.
    1. Create only one type of prefix per category.  (While it's possible to do both, you'll end up confusing residents).
  5. You rerun "Validate" until all rental boxes are covered, identifying the ones that don't have the right tokens set up, and to make sure they are named properly.
  6. If you created "RB" tokens; remember to create an advertisement for each property too so that when it becomes available it's properly set up.
  7. Click a server and select "Reset", this will update Marvelous Mania with all the current tenants.
    1. Note: The system performs an "Update" about 1-2 hours before midnight.  The update function just looks at the current tenant, and if it is different, updates Marvelous Mania.
  8. Should be automatic after this point.
  9. At midnight you will see an update of all properties.

Set Up

Note: You follow these steps again if you add rental boxes to your set up.

What is in the "MM - CasperLet - Interface Objects" Folder?

Where do you get this folder of items?  It is given to you by Marvelous Mania when we decide to work with you.  Parts are described below:

  • !Read Me - A notecard referencing this web page.
  • Scripts
    • !!MM - RentalBox Monitor Script - The script placed into each rental box.
    • !!MM - Texture Dropbox - v1812b - The script found in #5 (below), but in a separate script.  It allows you to transform any object you want into a texture dropbox.
  • Objects
    1. Marvelous Mania - No Expiry Login Kiosk - v18.12 - Used by designers to log into our website and maintain their advertisements
    2. MM - Info Board / Get HUD - Large - Information residents to learn about MM and get our HUD.
    3. CapserLet-AdvertisingGenerator-v18.12a - Object used to acquire and allocate Marvelous Mania tokens to new tenants
    4. MM-CapserLet-AvailabilityMonitor-v18.12a - Object used to turn off Marvelous Mania advertisements when new tenants arrive and turn it on when they leave.
    5. Marvelous Mania - Texture Dropbox - v1812b - Object that accepts textures and will automatically assign the textures to advertisements that are "Created" but not set up by the owner.
    6. Marvelous Mania - Dropbox Archive - Object that receives copies of textures added to the drop-box ... the archive is optional.
      1. When not in use, textures added to the dropbox are purged even if there was an error associating the texture with an advertisement.

Place the "!!MM - RentalBox Monitor Script" into each rental box (v1.52)

You can currently place this script in the "CasperLet Rental" with these objects (by name or visually). Note: We are using the existing CasperTech CasperLet API, that has been around for years, if you are not using the current version of CasperLet, this should still work without issues ... your rental boxes might be a little out of date compared to this picture.

Place a server on your property

  • Each server must be between 20m and 100m of the rental units.  The reason it as to be at least 20m away is because the interface is chatty too, and you might not want your tenants reading those messages.
  • If you have clusters of rental boxes, you may need more than one deployed server.
  • It's okay if more than one server is deployed for the same category within the same parcel, region or any other region.

Authorize the Server

  • Click the server.
  • Enter the Category Code and Category Secret from your event.
  • The Rental Box owner, must be an administrator for the category.  (Only Marvelous Mania can set up administrators).
  • If it passes the authorization then it will receive messages from rental boxes.

Click the Server

These are the options that each server has.  Note: Both "Validate" and "Reset" will validate and reset any CasperLet Rental Boxes that are within 100m of the server.  While it might be possible to click the server from far away, you have to be within

Select "Validate".

  • This will ask all the rental boxes to validate themselves.
  • It's the best and quickest way to get a list of the rental box keys that CasperLet uses.
  • It tells you the rental box key and the SLURL of the rental box so you can teleport and confirm where it is.
  • This example shows you this validation process and what kind of information it tells you.

Create one or two advertising tokens per unit

  • You need to create a specially named token to tie the "Casper Let Rental Box" to a "Marvelous Mania Advertising Item":
  • See picture above, and example below.
  • To create tokens that work with the "Availability Monitor" feature
    • Toggles advertisements on and off
    • Prefix the rental box key (from Second Life) with "RB-" (Rental Box)".
  • To create tokens that work with the "Advertisement Generator"
    • Providing self-promoting advertising for your tenants.
    • Prefix the rental box key (from Second Life) with "RT-" (Rental Token).
    • When a tenant leaves or changes hands, the token is cleared of all settings, names, links and statistics, before the next tenant uses it.

Advertising Token Examples

For example, suppose the Rental Unit's key is "726d62ff-e880-4a79-8c9c-750c86f49e49".

  1. If you are creating tokens for "Rental Boxes", you use a "RB-" prefix.  Example:
    • RB-726d62ff-e880-4a79-8c9c-750c86f49e49
  2. If you are creating tokens for "Rental Tokens" (), you use a "RT-" prefix.  Example:
    • RT-726d62ff-e880-4a79-8c9c-750c86f49e49
  3. Important Notes:
    1. During advertisement creation, if the token code is "TBD" (the default), we generate a unique token code beginning with TK.
      1. Otherwise, you can create your own token codes.
      2. If you create a token code it must be unique.
      3. They must match our naming conventions or they will not be used.
      4. If you create a token that cannot be used, it can be deleted, so you can try again.
    2. Once a token with a given name is created, it cannot be recreated elsewhere in the system.  Be careful who you give your unit keys to.

Login to Marvelous Mania

  • Login to the Marvelous Mania website.
  • Go to your category.
  • In the "Advertisements" section
  • (New) Use the "Tags" button to create them for your advertisements.  A tag is a high level grouping of advertisements.  For Categories:
    • When advertising available units, you may want to group properties by corner parcels, sunset parcels, ocean parcels, interior parcels or skyboxes.
    • When enabling your tenants to advertise, and you have multiple properties, you might want to create a single category for all tenants, then use tags to break up individual properties, or highlight specific tenants.
  • Use the "Tags" button to edit the advertisement tags, or "Create One Ad" button to create new ads.


Create an Advertisement

  • We are using the example above, and creating an "RB" token for our rental box, so that we can turn advertisements on and off depending on whether there are tenants.
  • When creating the advertisement for the first time, assign the owner username to yourself.
    • RB tokens are only toggled on/off (by setting the item's submit status to "Accepted" or "Registered"), respectively.
    • RT tokens are reassigned to different owners.
  • Note: The "Test Username" button is to confirm you have the correct user name spelling prior to pressing Save.  If you know it is correct, you don't need to use that button first.

Repeat the Server "Validate" Action

  1. Working with keys and our naming standards can result in missed rental boxes.
  2. Use "Validate" on the server to ask all the rental boxes to validate themselves.
  3. This step is to determine if you set up all of the token keys correctly, according to the rules above, and that there are no missing tokens.
    1. For example, if you are expecting to have Rental Box tokens on every rental box, this confirms you didn't accidentally create RT tokens instead or BR ones, etc.
  4. Fix any errors, and run the Validation again until all rental boxes passes you validation.
  5. Please clean up any mistakes you made such as incorrectly named tokens, etc.

Click the server, and select "Reset".

  1. This tells all the rental boxes to figure out who their current renter is and then it updates itself against the Marvelous Mania Server.
  2. This operation fixes 99% of any operational problems.  Our platform runs on the same cloud service provider as Second Life, so there should be fairly high reliability.

Deploy your Dropbox - For Designers

You decide if you want users to be able to drop a texture into the system.  If so, the dropbox will ONLY associate the creator of the texture to advertisements that have been created for the tenant but have not been modified.  The dropbox will tell the designer and all users within 10m of the object, what happened with the texture.

If you want to use your own dropbox texture object, we included the script.  Just drop it into any object you have the ability modify.  Click the drop box, it asks:

  • Destination UUID - Optional.  Saves a copy of textures dropped into the texture dropbox into the object identified by it's UUID.  If you do not specify a value, textures are deleted instead of being saved in the Archive.  If you are not using the archive, you don't need to rez that object.
  • Category Code - The category's code.
  • Category Secret - The category's 50 character secret code.

Deploy the Login Object - For Designers

This object is used to allow your designers to log into the Marvelous Mania website.  They will need it to modify their designer profile and associate images with their advertisements.  For additional convenience, users can buy a copy of the login kiosk so they don't have to travel to our store or event to login.

We recommend that the Login Kiosk be placed in the same room where tenants pay for their rental boxes.

Deploy the Marvelous Mania Information Board - For Residents

This object allows regular residents to learn about Marvelous Mania and get access to the HUD and website from a single kiosk.  It is a requirement that this object be visible at an event or activitiy that involved Marvelous Mania.

We recommend this object be placed with other designer objects.  If you want a square placard instead, we have a smaller square version of this object as a 1x1m square sign.

... and you're good to go!

Few last notes:

  1. After you click Reset to initialize the rental boxes, the platform should run automatically without any administration.
  2. If you need to use "Reset" on the server more than 1-2 times per month, contact Support.
  3. Make sure you update your "RB" tokens as soon as possible so that they will get created properly.
  4. We strongly recommend you carefully consider the image to use for the category, because we use a small image 200x200.  Remember to use big lettering and few words, if any.