Application Categories for Organizers

Understanding Application Categories and Transfers

This feature is not currently implemented

What are Application Categories?

An Application Category is used by event applicants to apply for your event.  These categories are never published to the HUD or website, and they are used to help you organize the main category when the event opens to the public.  You can have multiple categories based on how you want to group your event.  Typical categories are Sponsor and Designer, but others can include Gacha, Theme, Large, etc.

The major benefit of using Application Categories is, you can control how many items are available in the category, and identify a price for an item in that category.  This eliminates the need to handle the exception of too many sponsors or having to tie payments for submissions to booths in events.  The act of buying a token from a kiosk is proof of payment, and when the kiosk runs out of available tokens for a category, the kiosk stops selling tokens.

The applicant then fills out all of the information available on the Registration HUD, and then you use the CSV Export mechanism and the HTML Pre-Publishing mechanism to see details of the submission.  When you internally accept a submission, you transfer it from the "Application Category" to the "Main Category" that is published to the Website and HUD.

The output of the Application Category's process is a fully documented website with all of your designers represented.