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What is Marvelous Mania?

Before you begin, you can translate this website to any one of 100 languages.  Scroll up a little if English is not your native language.

Marvelous Mania is a navigation HUD with an accompanying website that makes it easy for Second Life residents to find store brands, sales, hunts, interesting and scenic location, and art and music venues.  As shown below, not only can Resident teleport to your location, they can also discover your group, visit your marketplace, or find you on up to 3 additional websites.

Video Tutorial https://youtu.be/FqxgH6dH55A

HUD for Residents - Now Available

The Website


Note for Organizers: Planned for 2019, tags and templates.  Tags allow you to filter different types of advertisements such as, Sponsors, Elite Sponsors, Featured, etc.  When the website is created each night, it creates a separate webpage for each advertisement according to a given tag.  Templates provide the ability to have a completely different design of your webpage.  For example, placing the store name below the image in the thumbnail view.

Topics, Categories and Items

Our platform shows information items (and advertisements) organized into categories.  Categories are organized into Topics.  Currently we have one topic "Moderate", but plan for others in the future, it's our solution when the number of categories on a HUD becomes too large or in special cases.

How to Share Categories and Items with other Residents

Each Topic has it's own distinct HUD, showing it's set of categories and items.  The website shows topics along the top and for each topic, categories along the left edge.  When a resident selects a category, they get a webpage similar to the one above, but with the category embedded into the page you're currently looking at.

  • How to Share a Category - You get the category's webpage, by click the ">" symbol on the right edge of the category name.  This will open just that category, making it easy to grab the URL and share a category with somebody or on social media.
  • How to Share an Item - If you find a really awesome item or place, and want to share that specific item with somebody, use the navigation area in the lower left of the popup:

  • Parts of the Navigation Area:
    1. Quick Link - Gets a link to a specific advertisement for sharing.
    2. Quick Jump - move forward or backward in pages of up to 4 by clicking the thumbnail of the associated advertisement.
    3. Area Info - Tells you where you are of the number items in the category.
    4. Previous Item
    5. Next Item



Sounds great, but how much does this cost?  Here's a summary:

  • Our HUD is Free for all Residents
  • It's provided copy, transfer, no-modify, so you can send it to anybody you want.

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