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What is Marvelous Mania?

Marvelous Mania is a navigation HUD that makes it easy for Second Life residents to find store brands, sales, hunts, interesting and scenic location, and art and music venues.  As shown below, not only can Resident teleport to your location, they can also discover your group, visit your marketplace, or find you on up to 3 additional websites.

For designers and owners looking to create ads, the ad above took just 3 minutes to set up, and was done entirely in-world with our new Registration HUD.  There are no websites to learn, no notecards to set up.  Just answer some questions, and you can be set up in a few minutes.

HUD for Residents - Now Available

The HUD has displays categories which are are used to organize items.  Video Tutorial https://youtu.be/FqxgH6dH55A.  Each category can have:

  • Type (eg. music and art venues, interesting locations, stores, sales, hunts, etc.)
  • Name
  • Might have a Start and finish date or it's always active
  • Picture showing the Resident what to look for at the places they go.

Items are submissions in the category.  Depending on the category, items have different names, for example, Music Venues have Clubs, where "Music Venue" is the listing and "Clubs" are the name it gives for each item.  Sales have "Sales Items", and so on.  Each item will have:

  • Name of the store or location
  • Name of the item or a comment about the location
  • An additional comment about the store, location or item.
  • An image showing what you'll find, get or buy
  • Store or Club Group
  • Up to 4 additional websites
  • A way to teleport to their store or parcel


Sounds great, but how much does this cost?  Here's a summary:

  • Our HUD is Free for all Residents
  • It's provided copy, transfer, no-modify, so you can send it to anybody you want.

Where to next?  I am ...

  • A Second Life Resident - I want to get the HUD so I can find locations, venues, stores, sales, and hunts.
  • A Store or Owner - I want to participate in sales, store promotions or hunts.
  • An Organizer - I want to set up categories for my end-clients.